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With over 700+ websites and 180+ enterprise software builds, Red Cherry has developed a disciplined process that delivers rich user experiences and helps drive our clients success. Having a great team that comes together to share your vision and business objectives is key to delivering rock solid solutions. Our strategies, and proven methodologies, help capture new and existing market opportunities that drives revenue for our clients. Our goal is your success, and this is how we do it!

Strategy Infographic for Red Cherry Strategy Infographic for Red Cherry
StrategyStrategy Infographic for Red Cherry

We dive in deep to understand the real business problems and opportunities of your company. To do this, we research your persona's and find out qualitative and quantitative information which form an idea of who your customers typically are. We then look at what drives them to make a purchase, what pains they are currently experiencing, what their biggest needs and challenges are, what kind of technology they are used to working with, what their demographic background is, and finally, what is their reason for engaging with you. Everything we gather from the persona mapping stage drives the design of the information architecture and resonates throughout your project all the way to digital marketing.

Persona Map Example by Red Cherry

Persona Map

Information Architecture Infographic for Red Cherry Information Architecture Infographic for Red Cherry
Information ArchitectureInformation Architecture Infographic for Red Cherry

The information architecture (IA) phase is driven by each persona that engages your website, software, or app. The IA helps you see each persona’s engagement by showing the pages through-out the build, top-level features, tasks, processes and flow. Much like a flow chart the IA shows decision-making processes when each persona is engaging your build and what is happening in the background. Not only does the IA give you a full overview and road map to the project but it also defines the scope and functionality for the project to a tee. Having a properly designed IA allows us to organize content, provide optimal usability, addresses structure, and organization. From simple websites to complex software systems, the IA is always part of the development process.

Information Architecture by Red Cherry

Information Architecture

Wireframes Infographic for Red Cherry Wireframes Infographic for Red Cherry
WireframingWireframes Infographic for Red Cherry

Based on your Persona’s, we can now determine where large call to actions should be and what a typical layout your persona's would feel comfortable with to give them the best user experience possible. Wireframes are a skeleton prototype that show the layout of pages as well as element sizes and how users will interact with them. They contain no colours, typography, graphics or flavour that come during the design process. Wireframes can be adjusted quickly and address key elements before visual design is applied. The wireframes help address which elements will get more prominent visual representation and assure that the website design is going in the right direction by showing content organization, navigation, and content priority.

Wireframe example by Red Cherry


Design Infographic for Red Cherry Design Infographic for Red Cherry
DesignDesign Infographic for Red Cherry

Now comes the fun part, visual design! Using mood boards we can help our clients illustrate the style they are trying to purse in conjunction with the Persona mapping, Information Architecture, and Wireframing. Mood boards can help our clients nail down a style they are looking for before we embark on providing you a pixel perfect visual design. By adding elements of flavour that nurture your persona's, we help grow your business and give graphics your customers want to see. Our eye-catching designs that are beautifully crafted, goal oriented, and in-line with your brand DNA with help speak to your customers and communicate your brand messages quickly and clearly. View case studies.

Design Infographic for Red Cherry

Visual Design applied to Wireframe

Development Infographic for Red Cherry Development Infographic for Red Cherry
DevelopmentDevelopment Infographic for Red Cherry

Founded as a software development firm 23 years ago, enterprise software development is at our core. We find the right technology that fits with your organization. Agile methodology, powerful platforms, and stable operating systems, are key to having a scalable and functional digital experience. We work primarily in PHP5, HTML5, CSS3, Node, jQuery, MySQL, and Linux. These technologies not only provide rock solid performance but are some the fastest growing web technologies that have strong open source roots and support. Throughout the build process, we also utilize a number of other project management, user testing, content and marketing tools that help project collaboration and move the build forward smoothly. Using MVC architecture, optimized light weight library’s and fast servers, we can make sure your website, or software product, loads quickly and responds pixel perfect across all devices.

Strategy Infographic for Red Cherry

Built with the future in mind.

Delivery Infographic for Red Cherry Delivery Infographic for Red Cherry
DeliveryDelivery Infographic for Red Cherry

We test across all devices, over and over, for each of your persona's. Our quality assurance (QA) and agile development processes ensures that your product is ship ready. This stage means your build is rigorously tested, aligned to information architecture, and is ready to roll out for your business. QA is partially automated but our QA team goes through each scenario making sure your build is stable and tested. We also work with your team during this phase to make sure your deployment integrates as smoothly as possible with your existing framework, or replacing frameworks, so you can take comfort in knowing your build ready for the market.

Delivery Infographic for Red Cherry

Rigorous quality assurance across multiple devices and platforms

Digital Marketing Infographic for Red Cherry Digital Marketing Infographic for Red Cherry
Digital MarketingDigital Marketing Infographic for Red Cherry

Digital marketing includes SEO (search engine optimization), Re-marketing campaigns (that engage your customers after they have left your website), PPC (pay per click) campaigns, and SMM (social media marketing). Having a strong digital marketing campaign gets your product or service in front of 10,000’s each month and ramps up your lead flow, all at a lower cost than traditional outbound marketing. Inbound marketing has proven the highest ROI and drives qualified leads to your website. We are experts in overcoming the hurdles that delay or compromise digital marketing initiatives. Get your web site showing in the top three listings of Google, Bing and Yahoo today.


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Digital Marketing