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Leaders in Occupational Health and Substance Abuse Testing

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ECS SAFETYCalgary Software Development

Leaders in Occupational Health and Substance Abuse Testing. Custom software build to help manage drug testing, scheduling, notifications, QR code scanning for document management and client access to mention 10% of the modules. The Gateway software system is a more recent build using our UCD (user centred design) process to really help nail down the complex logic of the drug testing and the internal processes within. Iteration of wireframes help our clients see what exactly the software build will look like right down to the little details before we start the build. The Gateway software is cutting edge software that puts ECS way ahead of it’s competitors for it’s industry. ECS also needed a new responsive website where they could update there own content.

  • Software Development
  • Responsive Website
  • Big Data Management
  • UCD Process Orientated
  • QR Reading/Scanning