Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

After you have your new website live and ready for visitors how is it that you measures its success using Key Performance Indicators (KPI)? Well one way is to have Google Analytics installed to review what your current traffic is and what that translates into leads and customers then do an overlay 6 months later after running a digital marketing campaign like SEO, PPC and Remarketing. Looking at the analytics you can easily see the increase in traffic, increase in traffic with targeted organic and paid keywords along with a shift in traffic from direct hits to more SEO/PPC driven traffic. Being able to look at this and say when we started 6 months ago we had 100 visitors a month and from that we had about 10 new clients coming onboard. Now 6 months later with 1000+ visitors a month we can effectively say you should expect 100 new clients per month or even more because these new clients are coming directly from a inbound marketing campaign.

It’s important before starting any digital marketing campaign to identify KPIs so you can measure success not only in the increase in traffic but effectively against what you business would receive in the past for new clients. At Red Cherry we provide weekly reports showing detailed breakdown of your KPIs for your digital marketing campaign.

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