Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

You want to be up to date with your customer support and provide and exceptional experience? Texting provides a quick, comfortable, and convenient two-way communication channel that makes your customers feel valued. Fortify your current relationships with customers and start to build better client experiences moving forward. A perfect example is using 1-800-GOT-JUNK you can now walk around your backyard taking photos of that old treehouse and send a text message to get a instant quote. Texting provides a more friendly communication channel that is instant, simple, and intuitive. You can also respond faster and provide better support for existing customer or your onboarding process for new customers. It really adds a personal touch. Recent studies show that 85% of customers want to have text conversations with their customers rather than just receiving and email. Not only can you respond faster but you can serve more customers and of course add the personal touch to your customer service. Red Cherry is able to integrate a toll free phone number and associate your business processes to be inline with a custom software solution that scales with your business. This means a custom dashboard for different departments in your organization, assignments and claim to conversations by your team that special expertise and knowledge in the area. With a custom software solution your able to track conversation types, customer types, completed tasks, outcomes to categorize and organize. With custom integrations such as file sharing, signature capture, customer satisfaction while adding that personal touch.  

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