Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Using your website a the first and foremost marketing strategy can not only have a dramatic effect of an increase in sales but the quality of leads by providing relevant personalized content based on the type of user and their behaviors. By tieing into network data about your visitors you can personalize calls to actions, industries you have worked with, content,  and photos. One use case is a visitor returns to your website. A simple experience would be to update the hero banner to say (WELCOME BACK) intriguing the user with a personalized message for the pages they visited prior. Not only does this increase personalization but increases conversions dramatically. But including behavioral/contextual data that is collected from a pixel installed on your website and shared across many networks can make personalization can be very specific. Segment provides the data warehouse to store, and manage your customers collected data from hubspot,, clearbit, fullcontact, datanyze, drift, hotjar, you can create consistency in your data and measure performance. Contact us today about our website personalization performance packages and how we tailor your website to your ideal customers. 

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