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Responsive web design is one the most important elements that is being overlooked in todays web design world. With more than 50% of Internet users using mobile or tablets it essential to have a website that renders pixel perfect across all devices and gives user-friendly experience. By this we mean minimal scrolling and no horizontal scrolling of any pages on your website. Using powerful library’s that are lightweight and support responsive design ensure your website experience is delivered with the highest of user experience.

Many designs these days are using a grid style layout which allows elements of the website to stack as the screen size is smaller. Also media queries can hide certain elements or show elements based on screen size. For instance you might have a large call to action on the home page using a big banner. More than likely for a mobile experience you would like to hide this. Please watch your video and learn more about responsive web design.


Responsive Web Design Overview from dan carter on Vimeo.

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