Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Do you have an idea that could be the next Twitter or Facebook? Is your idea so new that there are no competitive benchmarks to compare it too? Creating a new user experience that ties into our idea can be tricky as you have convince your early adopters that this is a valid idea it's easy to use and has a real world application. Sometimes it's hard to validate if an idea is going to fly but working with over 25 start ups we can give you a pretty good idea if your idea can be successful. First is understanding what pains in the market place your app/software product is going to solve. 

Does it have a real world application? How big is the market? How will you sustain the app through revenue streams? What will give you app an "edge" over your competitor if any? At Red Cherry we look at 8 key market indicators during our UCD process. We also plan everything from a technical standpoint to reduce as much risk as possible. By planning we make sure we and measure what the minimum for success is all the way to phase 2 for your we tech company. Understanding what it will take to bring users onboard, retaining them and generating revenue is key to making your idea a successful one.

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