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With online shopping being at an all time high, companies are trying to develop new and innovative delivery methods in order to keep up with the demands. One company that stands out, and has brought great debate to the table, is Amazon’s Prime Air drone.  Amazon created and launched their Prime Air drone service this past year which entailed an automated air craft to deliver packages from the Amazon wearhouse straight to the customers door.  Up until this past week, Amazon has seen little to no competition; However, Google [x] (the experimental division of Google) has just revealed their version of the drone called Project Wing.  Much like Amazon’s Prime Air, Project Wing is an experimental delivery service that’s goal is to lower delivery times and to get products to customers faster than ever.  Google [x] has stated that their long term goal is to provide aid for disaster relief by delivering medicine and food to remote areas that trucks and plane’s cannot get access too. Just think of the custom software APIs...

So what do people think about these drones?  Well most people are rather intrigued but the main question that has been raised is where should these drones be allowed to fly?  Realistically, if these drones are delivering parcels to people’s homes they will need to be able to fly freely.  The fact that these air crafts will need to have unlimited access to air space has brought up great debate as this now creates controversy over the invasion of privacy.  The FAA has recently commented on this topic stating that the drones will only be allowed to fly in designated air space and also announcing that these drones will have to be controlled by pilots.  Currently Amazon and Google are trying to develop these drones to be completely automated as a means to cut down costs of delivery services.  If they are forced to hire pilots to control each drone, this service will quickly become one of the past.  Whether or not these drones will take off and take over the parcel delivery sector, they do in fact bring to the table a very unique service, a service that can be life changing to those in need of disaster relief.

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