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With the newly released Apple Pay, many critics are asking themselves why has it taken this long for Apple to catch up to their competition Google Wallet? Well, rather than asking “why now?”, maybe we should ask ourselves why has it taken this long for people to find out that Google Wallet even exists? Think about it, people have only just started talking about Google Wallet even though its been out for three years; and coincidentally, has never been in the spot light until Apple revealed their version of the mobile payment system.

So why are people just starting to use Google Wallet? Well back when this app was initially launched, there was one major implication that scared everyone away.  Google wanted the banks to collect the data of each purchase so they could see what people were buying and then, in turn, target ads towards their purchase history.  As you can imagine this didn't go over very well.  Banks did not feel comfortable collecting data for Google to use towards target advertising and, as a result, has left many people skeptical. Custom software soultions have been out for years using online payments.  

Luckily for Google, Apple’s brilliant marketing techniques has put Google Wallet back on the map. And although Google’s policies have yet to change, the hype that Apple Pay has brought to the table has drastically raised interest in the near-field communications (NFC) market causing Google’s customer base to increase immensely. Now whether or not Google Wallet can conquer the sales of apple and steal any of their long time customer fan base, we don’t know, what we do know is that Google Wallet is back on the radar and is currently Apple’s leading competition. Red Cherry welcomes Google Wallet.

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