Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Making sure your software is ship ready means that it has been thoroughly tested on all levels for all your personas, tested by scrum masters, tested by developers and your internal testers at your own company. We make sure when its your turn to test that all the little things are all ready taken care of. Such as making sure no errors are being displayed across multiple platforms, testing the software thoroughly through our agile software approach.

Making sure all elements of the software are doing what they are intended too and even going one step further to try and “break” the software using traditional and non traditional hacking techniques. We believe in delivery solid solutions that will scale and grow painlessly with your business. But we also believe strongly in security so having a strong testing phase that attempts to pry open secure areas is also need. We cover all sprints and make sure they are ship ready. Your software product will be stable, secure and ready to scale.


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