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If someone told you that a germ-zapping robot existed, would you believe them?  Well believe it or not, its true.  Germ-zapping robots are currently being used in over two hundred and fifty hospitals thanks to a Texas based company called Xenex. The Xenex designed robots were originally designed to fight common bacteria found in hospitals but are proving themselves to be far more beneficial than originally anticipated.  

So how do these robots work? Well first of all, these robots produce an artificially made UV ray called UV-C similarly to the one produced by the sun.  The main difference between the suns UV-C rays and the robots are that that the robots rays are about twenty-five hundred times more powerful.  With these rays, the robots can penetrate cell walls of fungus, mould, bacteria, and other viruses and kill any harmful pathogens that are unseen to the naked eye.   

The amount of disinfectance that these robots can achieve, killing 99.9% of germs, becomes particularly valuable to a hospital where many surfaces are hard to clean.  With these robots, a hospital can now completely disinfect a hospital bed or room in less than 5 minutes.  This means that hospitals, and other facilities that have encountered a bacterial out break, can be free of germs and contaminants almost instantly; therefore, eliminating viruses and other pathogens that can live on surfaces for up to 5 months. Now this is where these robots begin to making breaking news.  With the latest scares on Ebola, and a major struggle to keep those who have been infected contained, these robots jump in by completely disinfecting areas and destroying the superbug.  Although these robots can not destroy the virus within someones body, they can help with the quarantine processes and minimize the risk of the bacteria spreading any further. These robots used sopiscated software that helps them navigate around the hospitals and make sure an area has been santized. The robots one day will be controled from an app or desktop web application that will give staff easy manipulation, reporting and stats.

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