Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Your website must offer more than a stunning design that renders pixel-perfect across mobile, tablet and desktop. How to best connect with your target audience? Content is key. While graphics and functionality are part of the lure, it is insightful content that compels your intended audience to look, to read on, and eventually, to act. 
When something we see or read evokes an emotion, we tend to pay closer attention, and later, to recall it more clearly. Ideally, the very first words and/or images your audience sees should prompt an emotional response. If you know your audience, then the insightful content you offer them -- whether infographic, image or text --  will evoke an emotional reaction. You need them to engage, and afterwards, to remember. 
A 'user persona' is a representation of your target audience's common goals and behavior, a composite that allows you to picture the many as one. Knowing this persona well reveals emotional buttons that you can "push" with certain words and imagery. Knowledge of your persona informs website design e.g. the most impactful font types, styles and designs. It also helps ensure that calls to action arrive at the right times and in the right places -- prompting action and impressive ROI. 
Leverage your collective audience's natural tendencies. Understand what makes your persona tick. The better you know your users, the easier it is for our designers, content writers and software developers to help you win them over.

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