Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Using PPC or Pay Per Click can give any online business instant results. By this your website shows at the top of a Google search right away for any specific keyword combination. But building a strong PPC campaign starts with understanding the right keywords to target and optimizing those landing pages for those keywords. In selecting your PPC keywords you need to look at the following factors. What is the keywords frequency of use, how many times a month does this keyword get typed into Google? If this looks like 0 then you should consider a different keyword. Next is choosing keywords that are niche to your product or service. Choosing keywords that are very broad not only cost more as they are more competitive but they also will not drive specific users to your website for your product or service. This is not a easy decision to make and should be considered by a digital marketing firm that has a strong understanding of what keywords are going to work best and provide you a return on your investment. Once you have tackled the right keywords it time setup your budget and geo targeted locations. Looking to create some buzz around your new product or service? Looking to get to the top of Google right now. Contact Red Cherry today to discuss further.

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