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Artificial intelligence with in weapon systems is serious concern amongst some of the brightest minds of our time with many strongly apposed to this type of advancement in technology. With people like Stephen Hawking, Steve Wozniak and Elon Musk along with 1000's of other notable scientists signing an open letter to Governments world wide to stop the development of this technology. They have a great concerns of robots fighting our wars for us. What this essentially does is takes away the horror of war, loose of humans lives and then what stops a power with this technology from killing all their enemies. Secondly and this is right out of Hollywood is the AI will make better decisions than humans and they can have the choice of killing innocent humans and any one in their way. By building a robot that knows how to kill based upon race, gender or geolocation this could render our humanity as non-existent. But on the brighter side...

The development of AI is already in the works with AI programs already passing human emotion tests, learning and growing their intelligence. Soon to be the next big thing Cubic the new personal assistant for everything in your life will blow the likes of Siri out of the water by connecting to all devices, apps and services around you. Like your car, house, smartphone and so on. Cubic becomes familiar with your interest’s, likes and personality to become your friend. Understanding your needs, wants and giving you a sense of humor as well. The adaptive intelligence core is what we will begin to see in many devices to come over the next 10 years. Our devices will begin to understand our needs and wants and become our friends. 

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